My Freaking Friends…

Each little blurb is true, of my true friends, who attracts my orbit and whom I aim my trajectory towards. They will remain unnamed, yet I.D.’s will be blatantly clear to the few of us who know.

aka my friends are better than yours

– Made front cover page of Good Looking Busboy Magazine

(And on a related note, he had aspirations to hold title of “World’s Best Busboy”) One day over Bud Lights and cheap oysters he mused to me his fantasy, hyper-idealized and totally sweet. It would go like this, as he approached a table, a two-top comprised of a generic gentleman and his date.

“How are you, sir? Are you done with that?”

Wink and pause.

(wait for clincher)

“May I… Take It Away?”

The passion and wild glimmer in his eyes as he spoke left an imprint deep in my cerebral cortex that to this day I often use this anecdote at parties.

(Kind of like this, but a guy)

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