Summer of Downing, 2010

I wrote the below during a particular emo and OH NO DOOM type of night, during the (supposed) height of our most recent economic crisis. Personally, I consider it “period” as it does impart the particular spirit of the times and captures the gloom that was pervasive in the media and daily life. America was surely losing it’s swagger, and China looked to deliver the final attack. 

The economic world is at a end as we know it. The era of deluxe American idealism and arrogance is over, and if we continue to listen to the news, the reporters try to keep an air of optimism about the impending Second Great Depression, yet as figures from Wall Street and stock exchanges world-wide plummet, the bogus lingo from the talking heads become apparent.

Cocaine has become, according to TIME Magazine, a middle-class high. You were either partying too much or not at all. Cheap drugs or toothpaste from China will kill you.

Consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Thomas Pink’s captured share of their target market dips. Media coverage state the crisis as “unprecendented” and enormous in scope, it does not aptly describe the vast sums of money available and executable by a forsaken few. A Wall Street trader went crazy and jumped off a building last night. A certain Los Angeles crepery is able to sell a ten thousand dollar sundae. A hip hop mogul consuls us to vote, or die. Enormous apathy is projected onto the public from the men and women at the top who control most of our resources and maintain the illusion of control. It is a waiting game for “them” to supply us with news that will rock our world for the worse, day by day.

One of the most popular shows on TV features a black man teaching a white family how to design their bathroom, while an Asian lady hosts. The man is wearing a lot of turquoise and aqua, while the family is mostly in darker grays and blacks.

It is Summer 2009 and we are lost.

The words from video below also succinctly describe our attitude and pure badass attitude toward calamity.

“Holy Shit”

“What is going on?”

“Holy Shit! Badass!”

“That’s crazy… So outta here!”

Looking back on that time, despite it not being so long ago, makes me feel that America will prevail ultimately, and once we choose hope, we give ourselves the privilege to look back on all cataclysmic events with grace. 

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