Holidays and the University of Hawaii at Manoa

DIE Christmas spirit thing! This time of year everyone is either a little bipolar: a bit more happy or a bit more sad than usual. My friends used to drag me to see the Honolulu City Lights at City Hall. So hungover, anxiety stricken, downing, soaring, or crying, I go. Park your car 20 minutes away and join the families, couples, innocent kids and happy citizens. During this time I smile and laugh and be a part of this healthy community because when you’re in it, it’s easier to pretend.

Hipster Style Honolulu City Lights Photo

However I did go to a party on Christmas Day and it was awesome. Besides boosting my faith in humanity, I reconnected to what mattered to people our age during this Holiday seasons: Winter fucking Break!!


So I’d figure I’d leave all the bullshit of the holidays with behind and share something good about my old school, the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Remember it’s through my lens so it’s probably not a real concrete or even useful reviews, but it does summarize the spirit of the times.

(this review is taken from my Yelp page, where I write some self-hatin hipster shit, feel free to read and h8 me r8 me)

Blonde kids and Asian kids come from all over come to Hawaii for school, for the University of Hawaii at Manoa, for surf. I watch Saw 3 after class with a kid from Singapore – who told me my neighborhood reminds him of Mexico City. I flirt with a girl who later became a flight attendant for Japan Airlines. Another chick, from Tokyo, ends up being on the cover of WAIKIKI magazine, whom I befriended because she had no one else at the time. The Singaporean kid tells me about how his dad made him leave Turkey because the exchange rate plummeted, so he did. Another guy, Alfred from “around San Francisco” talks to me about soccer in Brazil, and complains how he is Chinese but his father’s friends are Brazilian and so they school him in the sport every time. Later he tells me that he’s from Hillsborough (Yes, that one in San Mateo County) and there’s huge pressure on him because his siblings are 20-something yuppies who sit on various boards and hold executive positions and Alfred likes Karate and had a thing for my friend, Ashlyn, who told me he kind of gives off gay vibes. I met the sweetest Korean girl who taught me Chemistry, and while she got an A and I did not, I got something else: memories. I used to eat penne pasta with meat sauce, a green salad, and a soda for $8.50 with a bunch of local kids. These local boys started bringing cologne to school because of me. I used to sleep on these couches in the upstairs hallway of The Campus Center. They only  vacuum and sanitize these couches and chairs once every semester.

I majored in Travel Industry Management; I was hired, and if one is willing to face seniority’s ugly face and fight the uphill battle as someone with a degree against the legions of unionized masses who, frankly, do not give a flying ___, then you can work to be middle management of some department. Then, while you will not have the respect of your rank and file, it’s possible you will have free good meals, laundry service for your uniform, and coveted covered parking for your vehicle – in Waikiki.

I no long work in any sector related to my major, save some super-logic bending story I am able to churn out . You might be wondering what is the point of this rant about this university. As an institution of higher learning to prepare you for enslavement, UHM barely passes – and even then is it really about your choice of major. However from my recollection above, what I received was not just a piece of paper, but much better: Memories. For these, UHM is wonderful.

*this is read “Hawaiian”


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