Geography and the Real Diversity of HNL

Geographically – There are more than a thousand islands spread out over the Central Pacific that make up my dear home state.  The biggest comprise the main eight islands; if you are not Hawaiian, seven islands. If one is leprosy avoidant, then six islands; if not bombing things in the military, five islands. If you like civilization and that “Hawaiian shit” then 3 islands; and finally, if a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis with urban buildings juxtaposed onto surreal azure, complete with bad traffic, crime, and multi-billion dollar commerce in Aloha shirts is what you are looking for, then only one city matters: Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.  Below is a video of my driving through Waikiki, to help yall get a feel for the landscape I talk about.

The route is through Fort DeRussy Beach+Park, Hale Koa Hotel, The Hilton Hawaiian Village, and onto the Ala Wai. And I love Electronic Dance Music 🙂

“Diversity” – Many are inclined to say that Hawaii is “mixing pot” of ethnicities and cultures. No one is entirely sure if this was label was bestowed upon us or self-proclaimed. I will divulge the truth though – it is not soup pot. More like a salad bowl, wherein the pieces are coated with a somewhat transparent but monogamous coating of local flavor, however things tend to stick together in component and auxiliary parts. And unlike the plethora of ingredients in soup, this salad contains only few items in which comprise the majority and only occasionally do new things appear.

Therefore, yes, Hawaii can be considered mixed and varied but only in a specific realm. And this realm is: Haole (Caucasian), Southwest and Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander. Sure there are people, but it’s not as apparent.

Tomorrow I will post about that “The Aloha Spirit” you hear about so much.

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