Social Landscape: HNLVN Style

We have lift. We have flora and fauna. We are fawned on and fond of it. It’s Hawaii. The Romantic Destination, the honeymoon capital of the world, where the state bird is a construction crane and the roads paved with lava. Driving from the capital, Honolulu, to the North Shore of Oahu is just like driving from San Francisco to Oakland except it takes three times as long. We have fresh papaya and avocado. The lifestyle here is laidback, the women stuck up, and many young adults feature tattoos of various Chinese and Japanese characters and drive thirty to forty thousand dollar entry level luxury cars, paid for by family. We feature the nation’s largest (and best) crystal meth problem. Local news call it an “epidemic” and they launch a series of investigative reports detailing addicts and their toll on loved ones. For fun, everyone hangs out at Starbucks and Jamba Juice and smokes weed in the parking lots or beaches. Many responsible adults work two or three jobs to continue to pay the mortgage on the home their parents or grandparents purchased; a home that often houses three generations and relatives thereof. As a tourist, you will probably see none of this; good for you.

Something else people know about Hawaii: It’s laid back. In the everyday vernacular, Southern California kids host “kickbacks” – as a noun- and we – as a verb – “kick back.” Kama’aina (used interchangeably with locals) love to “cruise,” and we exemplify that lifestyle with various terms like “Hawaiian Style” or the common bumper sticker slogan gems: “Eh Slow Down. Dis Not Da Mainland” and “I Not Late. I Stay on Hawaiian Time.” However make no snap judgments about the level of intellectual discourse (despite the gorgeous grammar) and exchange, as Hawaii is one of the most exciting academic research grounds for volcanology, marine biology, Asia-Pacific studies, and tourism.


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